The Shaman's Trail

ShenWork International: The Sage Program

LEVEL 1 (50 hrs)

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, England.

Facilitator: Glenville Ashby, PhD
Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist
Member, International Hypnosis Federation

One-to-One Intensive Training

  • Dream Decoding
  • Symbols and Healing
  • Tarot and Self Discovery
  • Self hypnosis
  • Regression and Timeline Intervention
  • Three Channels of Communication
  • Metaphors, Proverbs and Storytelling
  • Utilization Model
  • Reframing
  • Chunking
  • Future Pacing
  • Elemental Healing
  • Lama Fera
  • Sigils
  • The Tree of Healing
  • The Subconscious
  • The Law of Correlation
  • Case Studies
  • Self-Assessment
  • Graduation

One-to-One Experiential Training
50 Training Hours

  • Use Symbols and Imaging to correct negative thinking patterns.
  • Experience the power of the Tarot a psychotherapeutic tool.
  • Use the Utilization Principle to easily establish rapport and induce deep relaxation in clients.
  • Learn the art of conversational hypnosis and Reframing to change perceptions and self-destructive beliefs in others.
  • Learn to free the mind of fear
  • Master the pendulum as a psychological tool to access, record and gauge thoughts and feelings.
  • Experience the power of storytelling and metaphoric language to heal yourself and others.
  • Master the Art of Psychological Kinesiology and Qigong.
  • Learn the art of Centering and Grounding.
  • Experience the tangible benefits of Walking Meditation.
  • Gain confidence by using easy-to-follow self-hypnosis techniques.
  • Learn Taoist Healing Sounds.
  • Find solutions to life’s challenges with Free Association, Analytical, and Chunking techniques.

Change your life with this once in a lifetime experience!
Empower yourself and others with this unique certification program!
IPHM and NTRA Accredited!


At least 3 years experience as a complimentary healing practitioner.

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Telephone:+1 347 601 8004


Dear Participant,

Welcome to ShenWorker, a uniquely experiential program aimed to facilitate your personal growth and development in all activities of life.

Please read the following carefully before committing to this course of study.


3 months of shamanic research, study and practice


200 hours of practicum including analytical assessments


ShenWorker Level 1

This program is based on ‘Conditions of Possibilities.’ This is the premise of ShenTherapy. This integrative spiritual practice draws from indigenous practices (along the lineage of your ancestors) and moreover, YOUR personal intuitive realizations.

Shen means consciousness, awareness, and intuition.

The information therein is from the Unconscious, YOUR TRUTH according to the capacity of your incarnation. What you will discover will NOT be found in books, monographs or any written material.

During this program, you will be empowered to transform the lives of loved ones and friends through counsel and practical work.

The ShenWorker Program represents the accumulation and integration of four decades of research, study and practice.

This work does not practice; endorse spiritualism or any related field of occultism that presumably works with ancestor spirits, spirits or deities. In ShenWork, ancestors are representations (in some cases, soul fragments) of particular attributes of the departed and are NOT synonymous with deceased persons.

Participants of this program begin this journey as novices and with graduate as level 1. Initiates of ShenWork or ShenWorkers 1.

The novice will be guided in constructing a Sanctum, Altar or Temple, a safe space for journeying. This is his or her physical energy source or spiritual totem. Ultimately, this sanctum will reside within.

The Level 1 ShenWorker program is comprised of 12 Messages and Keys.

The novice is advised against pursuing other forms of spiritual work or precipitating his or her studies by omitting or marginalizing the teachings conveyed or adopting other practices that do not advance the same mission and objective of ShenWork.

The ShenWorker program requires deliberation, patience and dedication to the exercises.

What you will access

  • Accessing and interpreting dreams
  • Understanding and creating sigils and symbol
  • The spiritual power of storytelling. Recreating your past, present and future – YOUR Story
  • The art of divination using cowrie shells, the pendulum and the ‘mirror image’ to access the unconscious self
  • The role of elders and the significance of receiving and learning how their blessings should be transmitted to you
  • Learning to trust your intuition. Trusting YOU. Working with your muse
  • The dysfunctional lineage - the caring, overprotective mother; the powerful, strong and protective father
  • The dysfunctional lineage – the abusive primary care giver
  • Understanding and using thought-forms
  • Working with the elements
  • Libations and offerings
  • Clearings and spiritual cleansing
  • Accessing the mind through drumming and breath-work
  • The human body, meridians and points of spirit
  • Fasting and daily exercise for attaining good health
  • Invocations
  • Manifestations
  • Spiritual Diagnosis, spiritual cleansing and spiritual healing
  • Creating and activating a totem

This program will include contemplation on existentialism and related subjects along with two at-home retreats. An overnight retreat in Jamaica will mark the end of level 1 training where the novice becomes an initiate. The initiation hands over the Key to ShenWork. It is called transferring the Ase or power in West African spirituality. This permits the initiate to pass on this wisdom to fellow seekers

The ShenWorker program is for your exclusive use and the contents therein must not be shared without permission. Violation of these terms and conditions will lead to the immediate removal of the participant from the program.

Signature of Agreement:


  • Weekly one to one interaction by Skype or phone culminating in a weekend residential union that will include an initiation into Animism.
  • Participants will receive an oral synopsis of Messages before they are digitally delivered.
  • Assignments must be returned on time.

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Start Date: May 15, 2020

The ShenWorker Advanced Studies is a practical course based on research and guided independent study. It consists of 20 modules. Participants will receive one module bimonthly.

As the course progresses, participants will develop their intuitive, psychic, and cognitive abilities. They will improve their powers of discernment and heighten their sensitivity to the worlds around them. This course of study will prove invaluable to their work as spiritual healers, transpersonal counsellors, and mystics.


Interpretation and application of the Major Arcana for self-assessment and self-mastery

  • The Major Arcana in the Tarot deck represents the archetypal experiences and emotions of humankind, i.e., fear, hope, wisdom, desires, triumphs and failures.
  • Mastery of this mode of divination explores our atavistic disposition. It unlocks the unconscious experiences, the subconscious impulses and our genealogical character.
  • Well employed, the Major Arcana serves as a psychological tool that promotes conflict resolution and healing. The Tarot is the major divining tool for advanced ShenWorker.

Jungian psychology and Transpersonal Thought

  • Carl Gustav Jung is the father of transpersonal psychology, a discipline that integrates our spiritual and psychological experiences. Jung introduced shadow work to bring the subconscious to the conscious level. Jung’s acknowledges the existence of spiritual beings that can be instructive and beneficial to us, not unlike Philemon, his spirit guide whom he credited as being far more informed and erudite than he could have ever imagined.
  • The ShenWorker will work with his or her spirit for a deeper understanding of the mysteries.

The Works of Emanuel Swedenborg

  • Emanuel Swedenborg is a 17th century scientist and mystic who spent the last two decades of his life in the experiential study of the spiritual dimensions. In this module we will study Swedenborg’s Heaven and Hell and Arcana Coelestia.
  • As the ShenWorker heightens his or her intuitive and spiritual perception, Swedenborg’s work will be the compass and guidepost to help the ShenWorker authenticate his or her spiritual experiences.

Allan Kardec, Francisco Cândido Xavier and Spiritism

  • Exploring spirit phenomena: types of mediumship, evocation, Spiritism, exorcism vs spirit release therapy.
  • Prayer of the Old Black Man
  • Prayer of Bezerra de Menezes

The Existence and Absence of God

  • Reason and the validity of arguments proving God’s existence. The ShenWorker must grasp the philosophy of religion citing examples of the ontological, cosmological, teleological arguments for belief in God.

Confucianism and understanding our role in society 

  • Introduction to ethics and communal responsibility. Why de-individualism is the first step toward spiritual development. The ShenWorker will be introduced to Bhakti Yoga and the path toward enlightenment.

Ezekiel’s Wheel and Hinduism’s Wheel of Bhavachakra/Samsara

  • Why the Sudarshana chakra is important to our spiritual development. The ShenWorker will decode chapters 3, 10 and 13 and 37 of the Book of Ezekiel and apply these mysteries to his or her spiritual practices.

Nephilim, paleoanthropology, Oedipal Complex, culture, and the concept of good and evil 

  • The origins of the human species
  • Why ‘good’ things happen to bad people? Why do bad things happen to good people
  • Psychological regression and the existence of evil? Are we born with the propensity for evil? What role do the Nephilims play in the human experience?

On becoming a mystic

  • Is the ShenWorker a mystic or sorcerer? Know the difference. What does sorcery really mean? Where do animism and sorcery meet? The Wheel is Samsaraand the liberating quality of mysticism. Defining the arcane arts. Sorcery and mysticism in sacred scriptures.

Lao Tze and the Book of Changes

  • Understanding the cycles of life. Transmutation, transition and the immortality of life. The meaning of ‘World without end.’ The I Ching, Tarot and Archetypes

Applying St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises in your daily life

  • The ShenWorker will undertake the 30-day spiritual challenge based on St. Ignatius’ spiritual exercises. Fasting, contemplation, mediation and the role of your confessor or Anam Cara during this period.

Deism and the problem of anthropomorphism

  • Understanding theism, deism, natural laws, preordainment and free will. The masculine-feminine qualities of God.

The IAM Principle

  • What does ‘I am that I am’ really mean?
  • The problem with New Age philosophy: Can we really create our reality through visualization and the law of attraction?  How does channeling and mediumship really work - pitfalls, delusions and dangers. Understanding autohypnosis in so-called New Age phenomena.

Glossolalia and Neuroses 

  • Maladaptive behaviors, suggestion and the fallacy of modern glossolalia. Catharsis, conversion disorder and being ‘slain in the spirit.’

The Dark Night of the Soul

  • St John on the Cross. Must the ShenWorker experience the ‘dark night’ in order to advance spiritually? What is a spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency? Treating spiritual crises - diagnosis and pathways to healing.


  • Ancestral venerating and praying for the dead - Are these practices important or detrimental to our spiritual growth? The significance of Ezekiel and the Valley of Bones. Understanding the occult and Kabbalism.
  • Demonology, spiritual infestations, exorcism, smudging, and spirit release therapy. Understanding neuroses. What role does psychology play in these phenomena?

Hell and the Lonesome Valley of the Bardo

  • Comparing Buddhist eschatology to that of Christianity and Hinduism.

Experiencing Samadhi.

  • Christian mysticism. Introduction to (Opus Dei) and self-mortification. The Christian mystic, sufis and the Indian Fakir - the ShenWorker and mystical pathways.

Fidelity and spiritual growth

  • Why is infidelity is the coup de grace for the spiritually arrogant. The binding power of the word. Marriage, divorce, sex, abstinence and the ShenWorker.

Death and Dying

  • Why are we afraid to die? What awaits us when we transition? Does hell and heaven exist? Telepathy and communication in the spirit world. Spiritual hospitals and healing earthly wounds. Can the dead communicate with the living? Why a barrier of separation between the many worlds? Understanding soul fragments and thought forms; earth bound spirits; mischievous spirits; deception and its dangers to the untrained spiritual worker. Discernment and the key to testing spirits. Mind, body and the occult experience.

Spiritual death and rebirth

  • Understanding Karma and Reincarnation. Introduction to case studies.

The meaning of The Resurrection.

  • Soteriology, eschatology and the fallacy for vicarious atonement. The many saviors of humankind. The history of offerings and blood sacrifice.

Salvation and Inviduation

  • Son of Man - its meaning. Are we gods? Assuming your rightful place in this incarnation. The ascension of the ShenWorker.
  • Oral and Written Examinations to be announced.
  • The candidate must be a graduate of ShenWorker 1.
  • Candidates must write a 800 word essay about their spiritual aspirations and how this program can help realize their goals.
  • All candidates must undergo an interview via Skype or Zoom before a final decision on acceptance is determined.
  • Participants are asked to make a donation of $1,550  to this programme.
    A payment plan can be arranged.
  • Successful participants will be awarded a diploma conferred by the Trinidad and Tobago Qigong Association Education Resource Centre.

For additional information please contact me at +1 347 601 8004. Thank you.

Glenville Ashby, PhD
Spiritual Mentor

The Sadhana Program

 The Sadhana Program is offered by the School of Integrated Spiritual Sciences.

The program involves an in-depth and rigorous experiential study in the Mahavidya - the Wisdom Goddess - of the Tantric Tradition. Eligible participants learn Pranayama, the Science of Mantra, Kriya, Elemental and Chakra meditation and teachings from the Chandi Path. Participants perform a Yagya (Fire ritual) at the end of their studies. 11-day, 21-Day, and 41-Day sadhanas are available. Sadhanas are performed with a specific goal in mind.
A certificate in Foundational Mahavidya Studies will be awarded for the 41-Day Sadhana.

For additional information email:


Experience a unique approach to psychotherapy and psychological counseling. Glenville uses innovative and effective methods to facilitate healing, growth and empowerment. Clients have had lasting breakthroughs in only a few sessions. Therapy doesn’t need to be open-ended (with no end in sight).


Dr. Glenville Ashby combines the Eastern spiritual wisdom and practice with traditional healing to deliver a potent methodology that heals the mind, body and soul.

We seldom realize that our physical ailments are aggravated by our thought process and our everyday stresses and challenges.

Dr Ashby, in his therapy sessions, not only helped me to manage the physical pain effectively with specific breathing methods and exercises but also taught techniques for my overall well-being and to keep a positive outlook in life.

I wish him continued growth and success as he touches the lives of many people across the world.

Karen C.

Dr. Ashby's ShenWorker program has assisted me to face and remove several barriers and obstacles that had prevented me from connecting with myself and others. For me this is a journey to self-discovery, self-love, and self-mastery that has left me happier and lighter of heart and feet . I am still at the early stages of the program and already I am experiencing an awakening to the power within.

Many thanks to you, Dr. Ashby!

I look forward to the rest of this fascinating journey.

Best regards,

Dear Sifu Glenville,

During the writing of my book "Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover yourself as a Source of Creation," I experienced tremendous mental fatigue due to my workload and travel. My study of ShenWork and QiSynthesis improved my ability to focus and reduced my stress level.

In three weeks of therapeutic work I felt energetically stronger and more grounded. I went on to publish my book to acclaimed reviews. Thank you.

Sharon Parris-Chambers
Transformational author

Dr Glenville Ashby is perceptive, intuitive, knowledgeable, disciplined, spiritual and most of all the most compassionate human being I have ever met. He loves what he does and is damn good at it too. If you want to Know Thyself, Dr Ashby guides you through the labyrinthine mind to get to the core blocks to self-realization. Sometimes it’s not comfortable but growth never is comfortable. I walk with my head held high and a spirited step. I have been to many therapists and Dr Glenville Ashby has been the best.

Thank you Dr Ashby!